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November 15, 2018

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Get your teeth whitened quicker than you watch your favourite Netflix episode 

Sounds too good to be true? We’ll tell you how in just three easy steps.

1 – whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home with the whitening kit provided.

2- sit back and watch your favourite Netflix episode (can be anything from House Husbands or Zombie Apocalypse, no judgement here), while wearing the custom-made tray with whitening gel.

3- get your free top-up whitening gel at your six-monthly check-up and clean.

That’s it!  You won’t only have whiter teeth for life but you’ll also have healthy teeth for life. But yes, you need to do something. You’ll have to come in for your regular check-up and clean every six months.

Let’s summarise:

1- whiter teeth = the custom whitening system.

2- “less than your Netflix episode” = wear the custom tray 30 to 45 min a day as specifically recommended for you.

3- “for life” = free top-up whitening gel every six months with your regular check-up and clean.

So, how much and what’s included?

  • full exam, scale, clean, fluoride applications, x-rays, pre and post-op photos – value of $360.
  • custom made whitening trays with whitening kit – value of $ 550.
  • free top-up whitening syringe every 6 months.

All this for only $198!! What’s the catch?

No catch, just need to attend your regular six-months check-up and clean as you would normally in order to receive the free top-up whitening syringe. There’s no cap on the number of free top-ups. It stops when you want it too. As long as you attend your regular check-ups, you’ll have whiter teeth for life.

I dare you to say no to this amazing offer. Book now, you owe it to yourself!

After all, you’re doing it for your health, right?


How can I get it?

You can call or book here

Is it only for new patients?

No, anyone can benefit from this.

Can I have only the whitening kit without the check-up?

No, the offer is only valid in conjunction with the clean and check-up. That’s because the overall health of your teeth is important.

Can anyone take part in this program?

Yes, if you’re eligible, meaning you have no caries or contraindications like allergy to components.

I just had my check-up, do I still pay the same?

Yes, if you had a very recent check-up and require no further work.

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