Stay on top of bad breath – with our special offer

Bad breath can have devastating effects on our social life and our confidence levels. Mints are not the most sustainable way to manage it, and the best way to go about it is to treat the causes. Starting with a teeth clean is a sure way to get you on your way to fresh breath.

If you’re putting off a visit to the dentist, don’t. We’re on your side. We have a special offer – an Executive Clean for only $189.00 (total value of $310). That includes a full check-up, scale and clean with x-rays  (if deemed necessary). If you have private health insurance, then your executive clean is completely free.

So say goodbye to bad breath and book your appointment at Be You Dental now. Make sure you quote the Executive Clean offer when you book.

(Note: This offer consists of full check-up, scale and clean including x-rays if deemed necessary for diagnostic purposes; the total value is $360.00).

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