Have you got the right ONE?

It’s too expensive.

It needs to be redone every year.

It doesn’t last long.

What’s the worst that can happen without one?

I’ll just get one from the chemist, or even better, online. That should do!

Does it sound familiar? These are some of the objections and questions we’re hearing on a daily basis. And let’s be honest, if you’re a parent, these are the questions you’re asking yourself. Ok, the last one is not a question, but you know what we mean.

So lets get into What, Why, When  and Where of Mouthguard.

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a protective device that covers the teeth and gums in order to prevent and reduce sports injuries.

By the way, when we’re talking about mouthguard, we’re referring to custom fitted ones. By custom fitted we mean one made after an impression, or mould of your teeth and jaws, taken by the dentist. It works by absorbing and spreading the impact of damaging blows.

What’s the difference between custom and boil-and-bite ones? One difference is the cost. Yes, boil-and-bite are cheaper than custom made ones. In theory, easy to make, but in practice, difficult to mould and cut properly, which in turn makes them not fit properly.

And that’s the biggest difference, the fit.

Because they’re loosely fitted they fail to protect the teeth and can even wedge in the back of the throat at impact. And THAT could be life threatening.

Now let’s get into Why

Because they’re made from an exact mould of your teeth, they let you talk and breathe normally, which in turn allows you to concentrate on the game you play.

So basically, you or your child won’t chew on them or play by sticking them in and out. And most importantly, they protect the teeth.

We know that children who don’t wear a custom-fitted mouthguard while playing sports are at risk of accidents. These can range from fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth to cut lips, tongues and even to broken jaws. Ultimately, not wearing a mouthguard can cause painful, expensive and possibly life-long dental injuries. Did we say expensive dental injuries?

And finally, When and Where to wear mouthguard?

Obviously, mouthguards are needed when playing contact sports like rugby union, rugby league, AFL, hockey and boxing. But even non-contact sports like cricket, basketball, netball, touch football, skateboarding and soccer, carry a real risk of accidents resulting in dental trauma.

But what about riding a scooter in the park? Did you think that a scooter fall can cause dental injuries? Just ask your neighbour or your friend whose child had a knocked-out tooth after falling down with the scooter. WHILE  wearing a helmet.

So wear it at the game, at the practice, in the park, anytime really.

Luckily, at Be You Dental we have a solution.

What if we told you that you can forget about the biggest objection, cost? That you or your child can have FREE mouthguard for life, or for as long as you want to play a sport? The only thing you need to do is bring your child, or yourself, if you need a mouthguard, for the regular check-up and clean, every 6 months. As long as you regularly attend, your mouthguard is for free, no strings attached.

For only $ 165 initial appointment, you will have

  • a full exam, scale, clean
  • fluoridation
  • x-rays if needed
  • AND the custom-made mouthguard
  • and just to top it up, you’ll receive a FREE mouthguard at your six-mothly check-up if there is the need to replace the old one.

The 6 monthly check-ups after are at the usual price, but the mouthguard will be always FREE. Regardless if you lost it, grew out of it or the dog chewed it, it’s still free!

I dare you not to take up on this offer.

You can find us at 844 Nepean Highway, Moorabin or you can call us at 03 9555 3762 ….or click here to book online.

T&C. Offer valid for new patients only

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