5 surprising foods that can stain your teeth

It’s that time of the year when the Good Food and Wine Show is in town, and no doubt you’ll be wanting to indulge in some delicacies. And so you should, food is one of life’s greatest joy after all. While you’re at it, dining and wining, give some thought to those trusted teeth that make your life so much easier.

There’s more to keeping your teeth white and shiny than just brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist. What you eat and drink has an impact on the health and appearance of your teeth.

5 foods guilty of teeth staining

Tea contains tannin, which acts like a dye on your enamel. But for some of us tea also contains much needed liquid calm, so going without it is not an option. If you’re one of these people, don’t be too hard on yourself; enjoy your tea in moderation, one to two cups a day. Drink plenty of water afterwards to ensure you give your mouth a good rinse and don’t allow the tannin to linger for too long.

Blueberries and blackberries – Who wants to go without some of nature’s best antioxidants? I didn’t think so. Your teeth could stain from the inky fruit, but if you keep your water intake high and brush your teeth regularly, you can enjoy both the energising fruit, and your pearly whites for longer. If you’re opting for berry juice, a straw could diminish the impact of the dark hue on your teeth.

White wine – Sadly, a glass of white is no gentler on your tooth enamel than its red cousin. But some dishes really ask for it. Or you might just be a white wine kind of person. Enjoy it, but don’t overdo it. Stop at a glass or two, and intersperse it with good glugs of water.

Tomato sauce – The cold weather demands we consume a heart-warming tomato pasta or soup every now and then, but the acidity in the tomatoes is going to be quite harsh on your enamel. Have plenty of water with your serve of pasta to rinse off any remaining bits of food.

Curries – another seasonal favourite, curry relies on a heady mix of spices to send your taste buds into heaven. The not-so-good news is those spices are high on staining power.

How to keep your teeth white while you eat your favourites

Life is too short to give up on the foods that comfort you, but do it mindfully and in moderation. Whip up your toothbrush after a lunch rich in tomato sauce, and drink plenty of water.

Doing your dental check-up every six months is also a great away to stay on top of it. But if you’re concerned your teeth are not as white as they could be, talk through your options with one of our dentists.

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